Of mice and men (John Steinbeck)

… A few miles south of Soledad, the Salinas River drops in close to the hillside bank and runs deep and green. The water is warm too, for it has slipped twinkling over the yellow sands in the sunlight before reaching the narrow pool. On one side of the river the golden foothill slopes curve up to the strong and rocky Gabilan mountains, but on the valley side the water is lined with trees -willows fresh and green with every spring, carrying in their lower leaf junctures the debris of the winter’s flooding; and sycamores with mottled, white, recumbent limbs and branches that arch over the pool. On the sandy bank under the trees the leaves lie deep and so crisp that a lizard makes a great skittering in he runs among them. Rabbits come out of the brush to sit on the sand in the evening, and the damp flats are covered with the night tracks of ‘coons, and with the splitwedge tracks of deer that come to drink in the dark…

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  1. 17 julio de 2008 @ 13:08 #Sandwink

    Though apparently kind, this book lets us discover a different America, kinda far from today’s – this novella is supposed to happen during the Roaring Twenties- , a mystic and dark America , showing a really closed society, where people like Lennie – who suffers from a mental disorder, and although being a tough man, he’ll always have a childish mind – are seen like monsters, and would not be helped.

    And, just so you know, at first, this book was banned for being a sort of euthanasia promotion


    Mi valoración.

    Aunque aparentemente amable, este libro nos permite descubrir una América diferente a la de hoy en día ( se supone que está contextualizada durante los Locos Años 20 ), mística, profunda, oscura. Una sociedad cerrada, dónde gente como Lennie ( discapacitado mental, y aunque sea un hombre muy duro, tiene una mente pre-pueril ) está vista como monstruos, y nunca recibirían ayuda ( «Obviamente», es mucho más fácil reparar sus daños )

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